About Us


We realise that every company wants to think they’re not like other companies, but just occasionally, it turns out to be true and we REALLY hope you might think that of us!

Unusually for a small British company which specialises in creating high quality wedding dresses, affordability remains one of our cornerstones.

Traditionally, a wedding dress was a bespoke, made-to-measure gown created by one individual designer dressmaker (which is a gorgeous experience, although some brides find it can be costly and time-consuming); or it had to be ordered from a bridal shop (which sometimes has limitations in terms of choice and quality of fit).

More recently, a third option has developed: ordering a wedding dress online from an overseas-based website at a knock-down price (and then keeping your fingers crossed that it won’t be a disaster!)


We’ve been going for about 14 years, under the helm of designer dressmaker Caroline Arthur, and during that time the business has grown from a one-woman show into a fast-paced, small British company with a great reputation (please see our testimonials and Google reviews).

Our brides choose us for many reasons , and in their own words, here’s how many felt until they found us:

“I knew what I wanted but I just couldn’t find it.”

“I’d looked at lots of wedding dresses, but tended to like the top of one dress and the skirt of another.”

“I liked the design but I didn’t like the fabric.”

“I didn’t want to spend thousands.”

“Ordering a wedding dress online seemed to be risky – what if I didn’t like it, or the quality was bad?”

“I could never find clothes that fitted, so nothing I tried on worked.”

“I assumed I’d have to have a wedding dress made specially.”


Fortunately, as well as making beautiful wedding dresses, Caroline listened to her brides, soaked up their feedback and started focusing her mind on creating a solution to help them find the perfect dress, but within their budget.

And now, although Caroline still makes bespoke, made-to-measure wedding gowns from the stunning Designer Studio, Surrey for just a handful of brides each year, we are also proud to offer an original, affordable, modern alternative, in the shape of Couture Kit, our online app that enables you to design your own wedding dress.

The Couture Kit collection is a gorgeous mix and match range offering a flexible, comprehensive collection of bodices and skirts for the bride to choose from; it bridges the gap between the high street option and a full bespoke service for your wedding gown.

Once you’ve created your perfect wedding dress design using the Couture Kit app, you can then make an appointment to come and try on some samples and look at fabric options – this is where the fun really starts!


Caroline has set out to create a collection which enables each bride to have the same freedom they would have if she was making their wedding dress personally for them, but at an affordable price.

She has spent years researching, sourcing and nurturing the right connections with fabric suppliers, talented UK manufacturers, fabulous seamstresses and great design consultants.

Her recent innovations include a bespoke pattern system (which delivers an almost made-to-measure fit on your custom-made wedding gown, reducing alteration costs at a later stage) and a relationship with Rigby & Peller (whereby we come with you to the shop with a prototype toile in your chosen style, to ensure the bra you choose works perfectly with the bodice). See our Perfect fit page for more information.


Design your own dress