The first exciting step is usually an email or informal chat on the phone. Brides-to-be normally contact me when they have a vision for their gown and want to find out more about having it made or they’ve tried on a few gowns in wedding dress shops and can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. Often they will send me a design using my app or a link to their Pinterest board or an email with some images of dresses they like. Sometimes they’ve ordered their dress from a shop and would like it professionally tailored to fit them perfectly or maybe would like it re-styled or customised. Whatever the enquiry, I will try and give a rough price guideline and explain how the process works.

discussing ideas for a gown with a bride over a brew

To make your gown, I can work in two different ways, depending on your ideas for your dress, your budget and your time available to come for fittings. Both options begin with a relaxed, creative and inspiring consultation here at the studio, during which I listen to your ideas in order to understand your vision, sketch your gown for you and we look at fabric swatches and try on samples. The first option is the luxurious couture choice, which involves making a gown to your own individual design and your exact measurements. I make a prototype for you to try, so you can see your gown taking shape and make final decisions about the fit and design, before creating the gown itself, beautifully finished to an impeccable couture standard.

choosing fabrics for the dress. Photography by Gabriella Norton

The affordable alternative is to design your own gown with my bespoke mix and match collection, from £1200. You can choose your bodice and skirt silhouettes from the set range, for which I have samples at the studio which you can try on, and once made in your choice of fabric and colour, I then tailor your gown to fit you perfectly, and customise it to incorporate your ideas and make it totally unique to you.


The fabric and colour you choose for your wedding dress is a very personal choice. I have a fine selection of materials, laces, trims and ribbons for you to see at the studio, from some of the best suppliers there are, including James Hare, Carrington Fabrics, Exclusiv Creation and Hansson Silks. I can advise you on the benefits of different options, their suitability for your design, for example whether they crease, how they drape and if they tend to be static. Or if you’d rather shop for your own fabric, this is also fine. I’d love to hear about your ideas for your gown – please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat and if you would like, to make an appointment to visit the studio.