Made to Measure


In our quest to create the perfectly fitting wedding dress for each of our precious brides, experience has brought us to an interesting realisation:

Brides don’t want their dresses to be made to their exact measurements (controversial, we know, for we are dressmakers, after all!).

In fact, they want their dress to be breathtakingly flattering: enhancing every bit they LOVE about their shape, whilst disguising the bits the don’t like – if any!

This means as the dressmaker, we need to LISTEN and harness all the magic of our considerable pattern-cutting experience and resources, as our gowns may be required to cinch in the waist, obscure the muffin top, lift the bust, smooth the thighs, lengthen the legs, narrow the shoulders, etc, etc.

The first step in achieving the ideal silhouette is to ensure the underwear worn is absolutely perfect.

We work in collaboration with a number of specialist lingerie boutiques to ensure that if you are unsure where or how to choose a suitable bra for your made to measure wedding dress, we can recommend and advise you.


In some instances, we will come WITH you to the bra and pants shop, with a prototype toile in your chosen style, to ensure the bra you choose works perfectly with the bodice.

This is not always necessary, as our lingerie boutiques understand the way we work, and on your behalf, we have already discussed with them, the pros and cons of strapless v stick-on v no bra at all. Many of our brides choose to buy their bridal lingerie before their dress measuring appointment, and bring it for us to check with their prototype toile, where we ensure it fits with their wedding dress to perfection.

When you come for your measuring appointment, this is what we do:

  1. You try on the canvas “toile” prototype, which will have been made up in advance based on an estimate of your height and bra size, in the style of bodice you have chosen. Initially, you try the toile on over the normal bra you are wearing, and we adjust the lacing at the side to ensure the fit is perfect. Or if you have the bra already (or prefer not to wear one), then we try the toile with your new bridal bra, and we skip step “2” below.
  2. The lingerie stylist (if we are measuring you at a lingerie boutique) assesses the ideal bra style and size to suit the bodice design and assembles a selection of suitable bras for you to try.
  3. Once you’ve found a bra you’re happy with, we put the toile back on you and check it all works together. We then take all your measurements and makes notes to ensure we can amend your dress pattern as needed.

And don’t worry about losing weight in between being measured for your dress and the day of the wedding. As professional dressmakers, this is NOT a problem – we have a bevy of experienced, professional seamstresses who will be on hand to carry out any last minute adjustments to your dress, should you experience weight change, or we can help you find a dressmaker local to you if you’d rather have this carried out independently.

We never profit from these alterations, and in most cases, we find they are unnecessary. As we are a British company, using British suppliers and manufacturers, so our lead times can usually accommodate a few months of crazy dieting and exercise before we meet to measure you for your gown, and we can then have it made within just a matter of weeks.

For more information about bridal lingerie and how to choose the perfect underwear for your wedding dress, read our recent blog by Guilt Lingerie in West Sussex.