Real bride case study #1 Discovering Caroline

How does it work to have your bridal gown made to measure? Real bride Sarah tells the story of her own wedding dress journey, in the first of four blogs. Here, in PART 1,  she discovers London wedding dress maker designer Caroline Arthur on instagram, & tries out Couture Kit, the web app which allows you to design your own dress. And so it begins…

“…A helpful friend sent me a link to the Caroline Bridal website and I instantly had a good feeling about it. It was the first website I’d seen that let you design the silhouette and details of the dress you had in mind. It was easy to use, and was actually really helpful in making me realise what I wanted as it let you mix and match different elements. Having been to eight bridal shops by this point, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted, but just couldn’t find anything like it. The dresses I did like in shops, would have cost the same price again nearly in alterations to make them fit properly.

I looked at the reviews on the Caroline Arthur Bridal Facebook page and they were glowing. They all spoke of how lovely Caroline was, and how wonderful she’d made the whole process from start to finish and they filled me with confidence. I also looked at previous dresses they had made, which included a beautiful one shouldered one which really piqued my interest. So I submitted the design I’d made on their website, and was soon on the phone to Sarah from Caroline’s team, to find out more. She booked me an appointment to come and meet herself and Caroline and I was amazed when my bridesmaid and I turned up. Caroline’s London bridal boutique is based in Ham House, a beautiful National Trust property in Richmond.

We had such a great afternoon, trying out different looks, styles and materials. They really listened to the ideas I’ve was trying to explain, with my complete lack of dress-making knowledge! But they were also great at recommending other ideas to help me get clear in my head what I wanted and what would work/look best. I totally trusted and Caroline and Sarah and they went out of their way to explore what I was looking for, and help me put it together. For the first time, I really felt excited. I definitely (and embarrassingly!) let out a few uncontrollable squeals as I could see what I wanted coming together for the first time. And even more embarrassingly, I definitely teared up twice!

I came away really excited, and just knew I’d found the lady to make my dress. My bridesmaid and I had had a great afternoon, trying  out different looks and styles and Caroline and Sarah were so friendly and made me feel totally at ease. I can’t wait to go for my next fitting!”

Watch out for the next instalment of Sarah’s made to measure wedding dress journey blog coming soon xx

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